On this page, we provide links to great resources within and beyond our own health system. If you have any additional links that we should add, please email Mary or Natalie.

A Wellness Toolkit from Population Health

We encourage you to check out all the great resources the Population Health team has put together: education, apps, meditations, mindfulness activities, breathing activities, thinking and behavioral skills, and more.

UVA Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP)

UVA FEAP almost offers more resources than we can name here!  Their site is always updated with new resources and videos.

Safe Haven Program from the Medical Society of Virginia

Safe Haven is a confidential resource for healthcare practitioners seeking help to address career fatigue and other mental health issues.

All In WellBeing First for Healthcare

This WWB partner organization, founded by the Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation, provides resources and advocacy to build resilient healthcare workers and organizations. Check out their Solutions Library, too!

The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare

The Greater Good Science Center - Workplace articles

Housed at the University of California Berkeley, the Greater Good Science Center offers informative and easily-digestible findings from the latest well-being research.