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The UVA Mindfulness Center 

The UVA Mindfulness Center offers intensive training courses to develop mindfulness skills – the practice of focusing our attention on our inner experience at the moment that it is happening. By practicing these skills, we learn to be more “awake,” more alert to the moments of our life as they unfold. Being present to our life increases our opportunities to make conscious choices. Mindfulness is a sensible, straightforward way to experience the mind/body connection.


UVA Human Resources 

UVA Mindfulness Programs 

eM Life - All employees and spouses can receive free access to eM Life, an online mindfulness platform that can be applied to everyday life and chronic conditions to promote health, happiness, stress management and self-care. The evidence-backed eM Life platform includes online and mobile interactive sessions, on-demand content, applied mindfulness practices, an expert-led community, and more.


Faculty and Employee Assistance Program


FEAP works in conjunction with UVA Mindfulness Center, the UVA Compassionate Care Initiative, and the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center in order to provide mindfulness programs and resources accessible online as well as in person.