Mental Health & Well-being Resources for UVA Medical Students

Local Resources

Contact your college Dean.

1:1 wellness consultations with Deborah Barry (


Mental Health & Well-being Resources for UVA Nursing and Medical Students

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 434-243-5150 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Monday through Friday). 

Students may also virtually meet with a counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,through the TimelyCare mobile app platform. Information about these programs is available at the CAPS web site

Available through CAPS:

  • SilverCloud online assessments
  • Let’s Talk drop-in consults 
  • TimelyCare app
  • CAPS on call: 434-243-5150 or walk-in 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Counseling is available through the Women’s Center, but there may be very few openings available. They also provide a list of other options at UVA and beyond, here.

A Database of Local Mental Healthcare Providers

The Ainsworth Clinic is free for adults with non-emergent depression and anxiety.

Wahoo Well – online wellness survey with 1:1 confidential conversation that focuses on your strengths, goals, and motivation

HoosinRecovery - support for changing your relationship to alcohol and other substances

Contemplative Sciences Center – offers classes on wellness and stress management, resilience, mindfulness meditation, and yoga

Compassionate Care Initiative housed in our School of Nursing offers free workshops, tai chi, and more.

Meditation Room, 1st Floor, Couric Cancer Center – space for quiet reflection and a moment of peace

Licensing and Credentialing information and state-by-state updates. The Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation is making great strides in eliminating intrusive mental health questions from licensing and credentialing applications. Learn more here about your state (or states where you may be considering practicing).


Unwinding Anxiety



AllTrails (This is so cool! Learn about nearby walking, hiking, running trails wherever you are!)


Websites & Miscellaneous

Medical Student Coalition (MSC) of the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes' Foundation - advocates for the well-being of medical school students by raising awareness of issues related to burnout and mental health care, providing education surrounding these issues, and advancing solutions for change. Submit this Interest Form for more information about MSC.

TracySansonMDgives medical students and physicians the tools to celebrate themselves, their work, and each other. They are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in the full spectrum of professional life: in times of development and success and in times of despondency and hopelessness.  

UVA student-produced documentary on mental health in athletes

Self-care superpowers article in Imprint, publication of the National Student Nurses Association

Mental Health First Aid Course


Substance Use Disorders

Hoos In Recovery - support for changing your relationship to alcohol and other substances

How to help a fellow medical student struggling with drugs or alcohol (AAMC)

AAMC Guidelines on addressing medical student substance use


Research Articles

But many schools have insufficient information in student handbooks. In fact, a recent study in JAMA Psychiatry found that only a minority of schools’ policies met the AAMC’s published guidelines on developing comprehensive frameworks regarding medical student substance use. In these scenarios, students could contact their respective school’s Office of Student Affairs as a starting point and ask for options available for peers (while maintaining anonymity as needed).

Mannes PZ, Wang TL, Ma W, Selzer J, Blanco C. Student Substance Use Policies in US Allopathic Medical Schools: A National Study. JAMA Psychiatry. 2021;78(12):1393–1395. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2021.2666


Racism, Discrimination and Bias

NASEM report: The Impacts of Racism and Bias on Black People Pursuing Science, Engineering and Medicine


Nearby Places to Hike, Be In Nature

Saunders-Monticello Trail

Very close by, easy paved trail up Carter’s Mountain with two parking lots, leads to Monticello. Pretty views.