Wisdom and Wellbeing Program

Eligibility: All Health System Employees
Email: WisdomAndWellbeing@uvahealth.org

Peggy Plews-Ogan (mp5k@uvahealth.org)
Richard Westphal (rjw5a@virginia.edu)

Referrals to Clinician Wellness Program, FEAP, and Behavioral Health


Faculty and Employee Assistance (FEAP)

Eligibility:  All University Employees
Phone: 434.243.2643

Assessment & referral to internal and external providers for diagnosis and treatment
Consultation regarding impairment
Fitness for Duty
Evaluation coordination


Behavioral Medicine or Psychiatry

Eligibility: Referral and initial intake to assess appropriateness of fit for UVA Psychiatric Medicine Northridge and UVA Behavioral Medicine Center

Behavioral Medicine Center (434-924-5314)

UVA Psychiatric Medicine Northridge (434-243-4646)

  • Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
  • 1:1, including medication, therapy, or a combination


Clinician Wellness Program

Eligibility: School of Medicine Faculty and Students
Contact: Karen Warburton

Fitness for duty evaluations and treatment programs
ECCS full course
1:1 level 2-3


UVA Department of Social Work

Identify & problem solve barriers related to SODH related to access to health care, followed by implementation of resources and or providing Social Work intervention.