Clinician burnout (stress injury) is bad for patients and clinicians and requires a systematic approach to address healthcare organizational culture changes in order to transform the clinical work environments to be meaningful and engaging (National Academy of Medicine, 2019). Clinician burnout and occupational stress injuries are major problems that can undermine safe quality care, professional and personal performance, job satisfaction, and retention.

The Wisdom & Wellbeing Program is the UVA Health occupational stress intervention program that addresses both systems and individual occupational challenges while promoting the capacity to engage in with the complex demands of delivering safe high quality care.

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Room To Reflect (R2R) is a project begun by nurses for nurses to help their peers deal with the stress and burnout endemic to the field, worsened by COVID-19

Nancy Farish, Jeanell Webb-Jones, and Jane Muir began working together on "Room to Reflect" a program which encourages healthcare workers to give themselves permission to address their stress through the use of mobile "resiliency toolkits", a box of physical and digital tools designed to encourage care for mental health and wellness. In 2021, these clinicians were invited by UVA's President Ryan to scale the project up. 

Learn more the project from this video interview with Nancy, Jeanell, and Jane.  

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