You've been triggered. A colleague has snapped at you. A patient was rude. You started your shift and everything was a mess. Your child called to say they need posterboard and glue sticks for tonight’s homework. You feel your annoyance or even anger rising, and you wish everyone would just go away for an hour. Or longer.

It happens!
Here is a technique to help you. It is called S.T.O.P.

First, imagine a STOP sign
Then, follow the S.T.O.P technique.

Give yourself permission to pause for a moment.

Take a Breath:
Take a deep breath through your nostrils.
Take another one if you can. Maybe even another.
Feel yourself calm down a bit.
Now, suspend judgment. You’re ok. The things that set you off will pass.

What am I feeling and why?
Could my co-worker be having a bad day, too? Is that why they snapped at me?
What are my goals? (Imagine an ideal outcome.)
What are my choices? (All heck can break loose, but we can still choose our next steps.)

Proceed with awareness.
You’ve got this!

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