Room To Reflect (R2R) is a project for nurses, developed by nurses to help their peers deal with the stress and burnout endemic to the field and worsened by COVID-19.

Nancy Farish, Jeanell Webb-Jones, and Jane Muir began working together on "Room To Reflect" a program which encourages healthcare workers to give themselves permission to address their stress through the use of mobile "resiliency toolkits", a box of physical and digital tools designed to encourage care for mental health and wellness. In 2021, these clinicians were invited by UVA's President Ryan to scale the project up. 

Learn more the project from this video interview with Nancy, Jeanell, and Jane. 

Additional information on the history of the project is available here. In the left column of the page there are videos and audio recordings by R2R creators with demonstrations on how to utilize the 4 W's and other offerings. 

If you would like to request a R2R toolkit for your unit, Contact Jeanell Webb-Jones, BSN, RN (

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