Well-Being Resources: Call 92-GUIDE 
Do you have concerns about your own or others’ mental or emotional well-being?
We can help you understand where to start. Give us a call. 
  • Medical Center leadership requested a mechanism for connecting team members with resources available to support their well-being.  
  • The goal for 92-GUIDE is to supplement access to well-being resources identified by FEAP (https://uvafeap.com) and Wisdom and Wellbeing (https://www.medicalcenter.virginia.edu/wwp/) and to enhance access to urgent well-being supports 
  • Supported by FEAP, UVA Health team members can now call 92-GUIDE to receive expert advice in navigating the many well-being resources provided by UVA.  
  • If you have a concern about your well-being or that of another person, calling 92-GUIDE will connect you with guidance on resources available to address your specific situation, need, or concern.  
  • Dialing 92-GUIDE (434-924-8433) will work from any landline, including those within UVA Health, and cell phones. It can be accessed from within the Medical Center using 5 digit access, GUIDE (48433) 
  • 92-GUIDE is answered by UVA FEAP.