Site Owner and Editor List

Add a user by their UVA ID and click "Submit" - users with access will appear at the bottom of this page.

Note: this will NOT work for users who do not have a UVA ID or UVA Health network account - those users will need to be added manually in the Mura admin area

Add an editor

This adds the user to the Editor Group (able to edit content only).

Add an owner

This adds the user to the Owner Group (able to edit content and add users). User(s) added to this group will be considered the primary contact for the site.


Editor Group

Group does not have any members.

Owner Group

  • Jared McComb [ jam7aw ]
  • Arminda Perch [ ap5yb ]
  • Novella Thompson [ Nwt4k ]
  • Cynthia Woodring [ cw5gq ]