Novella Thompson, MA, ALM-C
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Novella traveled the world as a military brat and developed a deep appreciation for and love of learning about other cultures and languages. This exploration of the world continued well into her undergraduate and graduate work. Most significantly, after graduating from Marshall University with her master’s degree, Novella traveled to Prague, Austria, and Brno, Czech Republic to study with masters of Adlerian psychology prior to entering the world of academics and psychotherapy. In 2006, she added occupational medicine and physical rehabilitation to her specialties. She joined UVA Health System in 2010 where she helped to create the early version of Hoo’s Well for annual biometric screening events, health and wellness coaching for employees and spouses on the health plan, and multiple programs that provided options for wellness at work.

In late 2015, Novella was given the opportunity to create a Population Health Department and to develop new clinically and data-driven Health and wellness programs for employees and spouses including a Behavioral Health program. In this effort, she created a Patient Advocacy Model for UVA Health and hired and trained more than 40 advocates to provide care in multiple programs. In October 2017, she applied the Advocacy Model and helped to develop the Interactive Home Monitoring (IHM) program for remote patient services. This program was initially launched in the Medical Center to reduce high readmission rates amongst the sickest patients served by the hospital. Today, IHM is provided throughout the hospital and Medical Center in more than 20 departments and/or patient programs with multiple goals in multiple patient populations.

The current focus of Novella’s work is around creating a robust Population Health Department to include care redesign for value-based programs, addressing technological needs and reporting, community health and ongoing pandemic support, launching the UVA Health | Population Health, Community Paramedic Program, building additional opportunities for remote patient monitoring throughout the health system, and bridging Population Health programs between UVA Health and UVA Community Health. The Department’s work also aligns with UVA Health’s strategies around value based purchasing and contracting to include clinical, quality, engagement, finance and revenue cycle, and reporting.

Within Population Health, Novella provides strategic, financial and operational leadership, oversight and direction of the department, multiple programs, and an incredible team dedicated to supporting the needs of Patients. The team of clinicians, therapists and social workers, patient advocates, pharmacists, and a clinic, offer innovative programs dedicated to optimizing specific and focused outcomes for patient populations. Novella most appreciates the collaborative relationships she’s established throughout the health system to develop and manage the programs and patient needs from many clinical disciplines—In-Patient Care Teams, the Emergency Dept., COVID Clinic, Ambulatory and Specialty Clinics, Transplant, Bariatrics, Geriatrics, Patient Progression, Post-Acute Care, Oncology, Nephrology, Urology, Cardio and Vascular, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Telehealth.