Jared McComb, MA
Director, Population Health Management
Concerns or Complaints
434.297.5651 | jam7aw@uvahealth.org

Jared has been an integral member of the Population Health Department since 2018. He initially served as Wellness Advocate with the BeWell initiative to help UVA Team Members achieve health and wellness goals. He then worked as a Case Manager and was promoted to Lead Case Manager. These roles developed his passion for supporting patients in navigating the healthcare system after their UVA Medical Center discharges. In 2021, he was promoted to Patient Advocacy Manager, and as a manager, significantly impacted the role effectiveness and retention of the Department's lead case managers and case managers.

Jared’s dedication to supporting patients and addressing the barriers that impede their access to health care and community services, and his success with assisting both patients and colleagues, led to his role as Director, Population Health Management in 2023. He takes the lead in hiring, onboarding, training, and managing the case managers; designing, assessing, and revising standard workflows; directing growth initiatives and the development of the IHM/RPM program, and meeting with internal and external partners to form and support effective collaborations.

Jared is a veteran of both the Marine Corps and Virginia National Guard. He holds a bachelor's degree from UVA and a master's degree in theology. He lives in Charlottesville with his wife and two children and is actively involved in his community. When he is not out exploring nature, you can find him with a good book or engaging in a friendly competition over a board game with his family and friends.