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Population Health Specialists manage a variety of functions associated with specific operational activities of the department. They work in collaboration with internal and external agents to ensure that all patient programs are meeting the needs of the case managers and clinical care teams.

 Population Health Specialists responsibilities may include the following:

  • Provide care in multiple programs serving multiple patient populations
  • Manage the design, revision, and upkeep of departmental workflows and marketing materials
  • Assist in onboarding new hires
  • Work with UVA Health partners to define and manage data needs
  • Evaluate Skilled Nursing Facility discharges and hospital readmissions
  • Address internal and external training needs
  • Provide administrative oversight for community-based Population Health programs
  • Provide support to the Administrator through attendance in meetings, outreach, and communication to external contacts


Amy Luu, MPH

Population Health Specialist
Medicine HOME Liaison

Cynthia Woodring, MS

Population Health Specialist

Jennie Thomas, MA

Population Health Specialist
Data Analytics Liaison
Administrative Assistant to Laquita Pinchback

Ralph Watson

Population Health Specialist
Post-Acute Liaison
*This number should not be called for clinical purposes.

Hilda Landaverde Caldera, MA

Community Engagement Specialist
Latino Health Initiative


Paige Saunders, MA

Project Manager
Latino Health Initiative


Vickie Marsh, BBA

Population Health Project Manager

Angela Saunders, ME

Applications Systems Analyst Programmer
Data Science Analyst for Population Health