UVA Health, Population Health recognizes the rising need to effectively address an increase in the prevalence of chronic disease, health care disparities, and health access issues. The department provides continuity of care and patient-specific programs aimed at meeting patients where they are, and where appropriate, treating patients beyond the hospital walls. Programs extend throughout the state of Virginia and include resources to provide for the well-being and care of patients transitioning out of the hospital to home and beyond.

This department also addresses the needs of homeless and aging populations, patients with complex health and social needs, and members of vulnerable populations in communities that have historically faced barriers to successful healthcare outcomes.

The goal of the continuity of care programs is to decrease costs, while improving health outcomes and patient experiences, with data-driven evidence-based workflows and program standardization to provide post-discharge patient advocacy, cutting-edge technology, clinical support and escalation, a dedicated pharmacy team, and a behavioral health program for eligible patients.

UVA Health, through the Population Health Department, is also rising to meet the needs and recognize the potential of advances in multidisciplinary approaches to healthcare redesign and value-based payment models that support opportunities for our health care providers to give increased attention to population health.

UVA Health - Population Health Department
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