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Due to accreditation standards, all preceptors must complete an online program with each institution.  We value your commitment to EMS education and welcome you to apply for preceptor status.  Agency approval must be granted from your Chief or Training Officer.  Please contact us for a link to the Platinum Planner Online Preceptor class.  For more information email:  jimtrue@virginia.edu



Students in the UVA AEMT Program can only count their competencies or field internships when running with an approved Preceptor. 


 Current as of 4/18/2019:


Approved UVA Preceptor List
First Name Last Name Agency(s)
Chris Acree Louisa Co,  Lake Monticello
Jason Agee Lake Monticello
Dennis Albertson Rockingham Co
Fiona Albertson Rockingham Co
Kostas Alibertis WARS
Amy Altman COFEMS
Joshua Andrews Lake Monticello,   Louisa Co Vol.
Shanice Artis CARS
Erik Bailey CFD
Jean Balderas-Baca ACFR
Mike Barber CFD
Nick Barrell CFD, WARS
Mike Bauer WARS
Olivia Baumann CARS
Michael Berg CARS
Alex Belgrade CARS
Jack Berner WARS
Billie Beveridge COFEMS
Robbie Bly Shenandoah County,   Page County
Virginia Bowers Louisa Co Vol.
Kevin Boyer ACFR
Doug Brede ACFR
Timothy Bullock Medic V
Nancy Burrows Medic V
Bonnie Caplinger Broadway
Alex Cathey ACFR
Titus Castens ACFR
Courtney Cave Shenandoah County
Michael Chilmaid CARS
Robin Clark MEMS
Matt Coffey ACFR
Travis Colley Medic V 
Jamie Colvin COFEMS
Trey Crawford Wintergreen
Matt Cronin Harrisonburg Rescue
Tyler Dean ACFR
David Derkits CARS
William Eskridge MEMS,CARS
Nick Fialo Louisa Co Vol.
Margurder Fick Jr Louisa Co Vol.
Margurder Fick Sr Louisa Co Vol.
Jeremiah Fish Wintergreen
Ed Fisher ACFR
Deborah Flint Louisa Co. Vol
Brian Foley Page
Jeff Freed Wintergreen
John Gabel ACFR
Paul Goulart MEMS
Tracy Gross Fluvanna
Sarah Hallman Wintergreen
Billy Hamm Louisa Co
Jon Hammersly Shenandoah County
Gavin Helme MEMS
Andrew Heneghan COFEMS
Brett Henyon CARS
Jordan Highland Shenandoah County
Travis Hillard Shenandoah County
Noah Hillstrom MEMS, CARS
Ryan Holbrook ACFR
Charles Holland MEMS
John Howard Stuarts Draft EMS
Jonathan Howard CARS
Chris Hucek CFD
Robert Hume Louisa Co Vol.
Ruth Hurley Lake Monticello
John Hurt WARS
Sarah  Infantino Louisa County Fire   and EMS
Matt Jablonski WARS
Jeffery Jackson MEMS
Mike Johnson CFD
Anthony Judkins WARS
Bob Katz Louisa Co Vol.
Alex Klimenko ACFR
Andrew Krauss Rockingham Co
Adam Knight Louisa Co.
Robert Knox WARS
Jason Lesich Louisa Co.
Val Lopez Lake Monticello
John Luck Louisa Co.
Tristan Lugo COFEMS
Scott MacKay ACFR
Peter Mackerlich ACFR
Noah Madden COFEMS
Dawn Mantz Shenandoah County
Darryl Mason CARS, Medic V
Matt McCain ACFR
Timothy McCray Wintergreen
Trevor McGehee Louisa Co. 
Kelly McGirr Louisa Co. Vol
Logan McNeil Louisa Co
Jason Mercer ACFR
Edward Meyers CARS
Andrew Milligan Page
Lucian Mirra WARS
Lucian Mirra MEMS
Jim Molloy ACFR
Gilbert Monroe ACFR
Olen Morris Medic V
Mike Morris Lake Monticello
Mike Morris Medic V
Gary Morris Louisa Co Vol.
Christopher Moyer Stuarts Draft EMS
Tommy Mulcahy ACFR
Joe Orsolini Lake Monticello
Robert Ott Louisa Co
Travis Painter Shenandoah County
Greg Paquin WARS
Jesse Parker Wintergreen
Alex Patton CFD, CARS
Michael Peake Rockingham Co
Gerald Perry ACFR
Haydon Pitchford Medic V
Hazel Podbielski WARS, Madison, Louisa   County Fire and EMS
Jessica Powell Wintergreen
Steve Powell Rockingham Co
Valerie Quick WARS
Mike Riddle Wintergreen, Stuarts   Draft
Ashley Roberts Lake Monticello
Wallace Robertson ACFR
Jess Rodzika CFD
Randy Rudder Medic V
Peter Rustan MEMS
Joshua Samuels CFD
Frank Scopelliti CFD
Mike Selby Shenandoah County
Hal Shaffer Louisa Co Vol.
Georganna Shaw Lake Monticello
Eddie Shifflet Lake Monticello
Windy Shifflet Louisa Co Vol.
Mark Sikora COFEMS
Leza Sisley Wintergreen
Brandon Sites Broadway
Charles Smith ACFR
Tom Souter CFD
Todd Southard ACFR
Kendra Sours Page
Wes Sparks Wintergreen
Mark Staffa Shenandoah County
Tom Sullivan ACFR
Lauren Sutton Lake     Monticello
Carrie Thompson MEMS
Chris Tusing Rockingham Co
Erine Vitolo Lake Monticello
Dustin Wampler Rockingham Co
Patrick  Watson WARS
Melanie Welcher WARS
Joe White COFEMS
Roger Wilkins ACFR
Courtney Withrow MEMS
Schuyler Wong CARS
Erica Wood Louisa Co Vol.
Seth Wood WARS
Gary Wyatt Lake Monticello