UVA Prehospital is a Virginia OEMS State Accredited Program Offering

Initial NREMT certification in Advanced EMT. 




UVA Prehospital Spring 2024 AEMT Course

Lectures Available by Telecast (Lecture only)

 Pretest Registration click here


Class Meets EVERY Tuesday & Thursday.  Lecture nights are from 1800-2000 online. Lab days are shift friendly consisting of five lab days from 0830-1730.  Labs will be scheduled using sign up genius requiring a full day commitment once every three weeks. 

We recommend that you start the application process and bring the ICS, CPR card and application with you to your pretest.  The application and other forms are located in the forms folder of this website.


Where (Lab/Lecture):

  • UVA Prehospital Services Office
  • 2205 Fontaine Ave, Suite 302
  • Charlottesville, VA 22903 
  • Lectures use Webex as an interactive web based platform

Clinical Rotations - Various Throughout Week (Approximate Hours):

  • UVA Emergency Department - 24 hours
  • UVA Pediatric Emergency Department - 12 hours
  • Field Internship (Only in Agencies with Contracts) - 72 hours(variable)

Tuition: $1575

This fee helps cover administrative costs, instructors, supplies, program t-shirt, mock practical and the NREMT Psychomotor Exam (if taken with class at end of course).  The Cognitive Exam and other Psychomotor attempts are at the students own cost.  Fees can be invoiced to a sponsoring agency.  We accept checks, credit cards, debt cards or money orders.

Other costs:

  • Textbook: AAOS, Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, 4th Ed. Online platform
  • Platinum Planner $60 (online competency management software) (as of 04/20/21)
  • Stethoscope, blue/black pants, black shoes, immunizations
  • AEMT Cognitive Exam Fee: $136 per attempt (as of  04/20/21)
  • Parking
  • If student does not take the NREMT Psychomotor Exam with the PHE class or must re-take portions of the Psychomotor, the student must pay for those exams. 

Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Completed high school or obtained GED.
  • Have not been convicted or found guilty of any crime, offense or regulatory violation or participated in any other prohibited  conduct identified in the Virginia Office of EMS regulations.
  • Should be associated with a Virginia Fire or Rescue Agency and in good standing.
  • If you are sponsored by an agency, you must check to see if there are additional requirements with agency leadership.
  • Received recommendations from primary agency Chief/Captain and Training Officer.

The following are recommended for acceptance into the program:

  • Member of an agency in the UVA Prehospital Program service area.
  • EMT for 6 months with at least 20 transports.

Once admitted to the program:

  1. Complete infectious disease documentation requirements 
  2. Attach or email copy ICS 100, 200, IS 700, 800 and AWR-160 (due the first night of classes)
  3. Must obtain all required vaccinations to complete clinical and field rotations

Synopsis of the Program:

Students in this program bridge from the EMT to the Advanced EMT level. This bridge program builds on the EMT knowledge and skills. Human systems, pathophysiology, patient assessment, IV fluid management, pharmacology and basic skills are some of the focused areas in this class.

The UVA Prehospital Education Program is accredited by the Virginia Office of EMS and affiliated with the UVA Health. These classes are open to those qualified candidates over the age of 18 who are certified in Virginia at the EMT level. A pretest must be completed in order to proceed with application process.  We do not offer any tuition credit. Virginia Office of EMS scholarship program is NOT being offered at this time with the latest update as of 03-04-24 (see Briefing Room  - April_2024_EMS_Educator_Update)  or questions reach out to Chad Blosser chad.blosser@vdh.virginia.gov.

There will be a waiting list; students placed on the waiting list will be notified of status change via email and phone no later than one week before the start of class. Although there is preference given to agencies within the UVA catchment area, it does not guarantee admission.  Admission is based on test score, recommendations, agency affiliation and years of service. 

This program meets the national educational standards for certification as a National Registry Advanced EMT. The program uses clinical and field based competencies to determine a student’s readiness for testing and certification. All students will be required to successfully complete the course with a minimum 80% before being eligible for testing. In-hospital clinicals will ONLY be completed within the UVA Health.  Field Internship time will be completed at any agency with a field internship agreement. 


A significant portion of the class is completed online using the JBL learning platform.  We also utilize Platinum Planner to manage competencies.  It is highly suggested to have a laptop or tablet with internet in order to complete assignments and tests.