Our technologists care for your comfort and will work with you to make sure you are aware of each step of the exam.
Screening and Preparation

A CT scan is a painless exam using x-ray to view the inside of the body. Prior to your exam, you will receive a telephone call from one of UVA Imaging's Patient Liaisons.  The Liaison will provide information and ask screening questions related to your upcoming CT.


If you have a known allergy to contrast dye, please contact us right away. 

You may receive oral or IV contrast, or both. 

Patients with certain Abdomen/Pelvis diagnosis may be required to drink oral contrast before their scan.  

Spend less time in our centers prior to your appointment!  You now have the option to pick up oral contrast at one of our three CT locations.  Inquire about this option when scheduling.

During the Exam

During the scan, you will lie on a table that moves into the scanner opening.  The opening is wide and you will likely not feel confined within the space.  The CT scanner makes very little noise while it is scanning.

The average length of a CT scan is 20 minutes.  Many factors may affect the time your scan takes, including the body part and any use of contrast during the exam.


The doctor who ordered your exam will provide the results to you.

If there is a critical finding on your study,  your doctor will be notified by our Radiologists. 

If you have not heard from your provider within a reasonable time, please call their office directly.