Program Fees

Students admitted to our program are required to pay a $7500 non-refundable fee. Checks may be made payable to Morrison Management Specialists. 

Approximate Costs

Expenses Cost
Program Application Fee  waived for 2024 Spring match

Dietetic Internship Entrance Fee
(This fee is reflective of the amount for the 2021-2022 Internship Class)

$7500 (non-refundable)

(Cost will vary depending on proximity to medical center and whether intern chooses to live alone or with roommates)

Approximately $550-$1200+/month

Electric Bill
(Cost will vary depending on whether intern chooses to live alone or with roommates)


Approximately $60-$130/month
Phone Bill Varies per carrier

Liability Insurance


Medical Insurance

Not offered by the internship. Interns must obtain health insurance. Cost will vary.

 Required Immunizations (current list of required immunizations is available upon request)

Approximately $0-160 *varies depending on insurance coverage

AND Student Dues (during internship) $58/year
AND Membership Dues (post internship) Varies - Academy offers discount membership through the Career Starter Dues Program. 
Blue Ridge Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Dues $10/year
Hospital Parking $360/year (daily rates also available)
Lab Coat $12-30
Laptop (must meet minimum HIT computer requirements) $200-400
Miscellaneous supplies  $50
Meeting Registration (VASPEN, VAND Legislative Day, & VAND Annual Meeting) Approximately $130
Meeting Travel Expenses
(depends on mileage for car and if car pooling)
Meeting Lodging Expenses
(if sharing room with other interns)
Meals at Meetings Most meals provided. 


Listed above are approximate costs (subject to change). A contact list will be provided in late Spring for interns to make housing arrangements, if they so choose. Interns will be expected to provide their own transportation and expenses for professional meetings. Car pooling is encouraged to reduce transportation costs.

Financial Aid Information

At this time, Federal Student Aid is not available through the University of Virginia Health System Dietetic Internship. Interns may be able to obtain student loan deferments on pre-existing loans during the internship. The Program Director is happy to complete necessary paperwork and provide a letter of support once accepted into the program. Accepted interns are encouraged to contact private financial institutions to inquire about personal loans that may be appropriate for this program. Additionally, leadership encourages seeking scholarship opportunities to help with the cost.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year the Hospital Auxiliary awards a scholarship (April 2022 scholarship amount was $3500) to a dietetic intern. The amount awarded is based on financial availability from the hospital Auxiliary and is subject to change. The scholarship is based on the intern's academic performance, career potential, and proven financial need. A committee meets in the winter and the scholarship is awarded in the spring.

Regina Gottlieb Scholarship 2023

Scholarships are also available through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, state level dietetic associations, and district level dietetic associations. Prospective interns should pursue these applications in the Fall/Spring of his/her/their senior year to then be applied toward the program fee in the fall.