Program Strengths (According to former interns)
  • Clinical rotations, in particular, nutrition support and pediatrics
  • Research projects and presentations
  • Excellent, highly-trained, and supportive preceptors
  • Class day handouts and articles
  • Program organization and planning
  • Job preparation tips and guidance
Comments from Former Interns
  • "Great preceptors who really take the time out of their day to help you out, very individualized rotations to make sure you get the most out of each one, very clinically based with great experiences in the ICUs and nutrition support which is very rare among other internships, challenging but rewarding, great location with awesome sights and things to do (and interns will have time to do fun stuff!)"
  • "Open communication with internship leadership, preceptors who challenge you but want you to succeed, ability to see unique cases you might not see in smaller hospitals"
  • "The unique rotations allows for the ability to be alongside passionate, dedicated dietitians who are experts in their work. The preceptors all make me feel welcome and I feel I am a part of the team not just an "intern". "
  • "Class day every week provides a time to check in with the director and assistant director as well as other interns. This creates a very close knit group where we all support and encourage each other even though we're all in different rotations."
  • "Clinical focus, very well organized and planned out learning experiences, great location, support directors that work very hard at ensuring everyone is on the right track and help minimize any stress that arises."
  • "Very welcoming & teaching atmosphere, preceptors that truly want to see you succeed and will go out of their way to ensure you have an awesome experience, variety of inpatient and outpatient rotations, being able to see and bond with fellow interns on a daily basis due to a majority of the rotations being based out of the hospital."
  • "The UVA dietetic internship has many strengths. For one, we are able to work in a large teaching hospital which allows for various learning opportunities not only from our own department but from grand rounds, webinars, and more. Also, the level of accomplishment of the RDs here is outstanding and we are lucky to be able to learn from them. The internship also is focused on both nutrition support and pediatrics which is hard to come by. The amount of time we are able to spend in pediatrics is hard to match and getting exposed to a level four NICU is rare. The number of preceptors we work with and the various rotations also allows us to see the wide array of job opportunities and increase our flexibility. Class days are one of the most beneficial parts of this internship as well due to the continued learning. I cannot say enough good things about this program and know just how lucky I am to have been matched here. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone."
  • "The wide variety of rotations including many specialty areas that other internships can’t provide. The preceptors are renowned and so accomplished yet they are willing to take the time to teach us interns. Unique nutrition culture given how many dietitians are employed. Being around a culture of professionals that constantly strive to be the best and lead the field of medicine and nutrition is really inspiring. Emphasis areas in pediatrics and nutrition support."
  • "The UVAHS internship has rigorous and exceptional clinical rotations, preparing interns to graduate from the program and accept advanced level RD positions. The preceptors are phenomenal and truly love working with interns. There are also many very enriching components to the program outside of rotations including research, opportunities to present at conferences and community involvement."
  • "The preceptors and varied experiences are huge strengths of the program. I consider myself lucky to have had this opportunity. I truly think I would not have learned nearly as much had I been in any other program. I feel prepared and actually ready to be a dietitian. I also appreciate that you allow interns to do hands-on work in areas that interns are not generally allowed to do in other programs (nutrition support, peds, etc)."