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Neo/Peds (NETS) Team

UVA Health's Medical Transport Network has a dedicated neonatal and pediatric team. Our NETS team is available to respond by helicopter via Pegasus Air and by ground in a specially designed ambulance. The team is available 24/7 and has an average mobilization time of less than seven minutes! 


The team undergoes extensive training to be able to stabilize and transport critically ill children. A few of their capabilities include: 

  • Hemodynamic Monitoring 
  • Placing Umbilical Catheters
  • Inserting Small-bore Chest Tubes
  • Obtaining Point-of-Care Lab Work 
  • Administer Inhaled Nitric Oxide
  • Provide High-Frequency Ventilation
  • Initiate and Continue Phototherapy  
  • Simultaneously Transporting Two Patients 
The standard crew configuration is a primary clinician who is a registered nurse with bedside NICU/PICU/Peds ED training, a secondary clinician who is typically a paramedic with specialty training and certification in neo/peds, and an EMS technician. 


Primary Clinicians 

Miranda Broyles, RN, EMT 

Lesley Etheridge, RN, C-NPT, EMT

Dave Erickson, RN, CCRN, EMT

Don Giles, RN, CCRN, EMT-I  

Kat Riedel, RN, C-NPT, EMT

Laura Watson, RN, C-NPT, EMT


Second Clinicians

Tim Braden, NR-P, FP-C

Paige Crenshaw, RN, NR-P, C-NTP

GJ Harvey, NR-P, C-NPT 

Billy Massie, NR-P, CCEMT-P, C-NPT 

Naomi Phillips, NR-P, C-NPT


EMS Technicians

Nik Williams, NR-P, C-NPT

Andrew Milligan, NR-P

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