The IRIS System is a combined voice, video and flight data recorder that has been fully integrated into a satellite communications platform. IRIS gives us the capability to record large amounts of aircraft data, process it through an onboard computer and filter it directly to our Communication Center an Metro Aviation's Operational Control Centers every 10 seconds. It provides worldwide coverage, allowing immediate communication air-to-ground, ground-to-air or air-to-air with push-to-talk VoIP radio.
Our white phosphor night-vision goggles (NVG) and NVG-compliant cockpit allow our flight team to maintain the highest level of situational awareness by enabling the crew to see the terrain and obstacles as well as changing weather patterns.


Our Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) aids our pilots in continually monitoring the terrain/object situation. 



Our on-board weather monitoring system provides pilots with a source of real-time weather information at the touch of their fingertips.