What Is the Pediatric Airway Train the Trainer Program?


The Pediatric Airway Train-the-Trainer course is a program in which we teach staff from inpatient areas how to properly train staff on basic airway maneuvers and management using basic adjuncts/interventions to provide oxygenation to the pediatric population.  This course will also standardize the educational content that will be used for the pediatric airway course.

At the end of our course, the participants will be able to teach staff

  • Recognizing inadequate breathing of a child/infant
  • Calling for additional help
  • Use correct airway maneuvers to position an airway
  • Proper use of a BVM
  • Proper insertion of other airway adjuncts
  • proper suctioning 
  • learn how to schedule LSLC's equipment for their training sessions
  • Click here for the Child/Infant basic airway course training document

Train the Trainer Sessions are required for all new trainers


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