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Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) Registration

The Emergency Nursing Association (ENA) developed and implemented the TNCC for national and international dissemination as a means of identifying a standardized body of trauma nursing knowledge. The TNCC (Provider) is a hybrid course, with online modules and a 16-hour in-person session designed to provide the learner with cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills.

In order to maximize success in the TNCC (Provider), it is recommended that the participant have at least six months of clinical nursing experience in an emergency care setting. It is assumed that the course participant possesses the generic nursing knowledge, has an understanding of emergency care terminology, and has familiarity with standard emergency equipment.   

UVA Health System employees please note:

Any employee who attends a class within 4 months of their planned departure from the UVA Health System will be required to pay his/her registration fee, even if the cost of the course was not originally charged to the employee. Note: Registering for a course before the 4 month time frame does not waive the registration fee.

Our next courses will be September 13-14, 2018, and November 15-16, 2018.

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If you are interested in classes in general, please contact Jon Howard at jhoward@virginia.edu.  We may open additional classes based on interest.


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