We work with you to understand the educational needs of the providers (nurses, doctors, patient care assistants/technicians, respiratory therapists, EMTs, etc.) on your unit or in your department.  We then develop one or more simulations to address these needs.  The simulation(s) give your providers an experience with a patient they may not have seen, or may need more practice with, and allows them to work through their thought processes and practice their skills in a safe learning environment.

We have a variety of manikins, from task trainers that help practice one skill, to low-fidelity manikins (such as CPR manikins), to high-fidelity manikins with pulses, chest rise and fall, and heart and lung sounds.  Most of our manikins can interact with monitor/defibrillators and accept medications.

Additionally, we can help teams develop new processes and work flows in their unit or department.  These types of simulations allow your unit or department to test new processes before implementation.

Our simulations can be done either in our Simulation Room or in situ in a patient care area of the Medical Center.

We provide services free of charge to UVa Health staff, and for a fee for non-UVa Health organizations.