Membership on the Clinical Staff may be extended only to practitioners who maintain faculty appointments in the School of Medicine (with the exception of Honorary Members who shall be former faculty in the School of Medicine) and meet further requirements for Clinical Staff membership set out in the Bylaws of the Clinical Staff.

Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers who provide services at University of Virginia Health facilities must be credentialed. The UVA Clinical Staff Office processes applications and obtains primary source verification on behalf of the facilities.

All decisions relating to clinical staff appointments and re-appointments, granting of clinical privileges, and modification of medical staff status and/or clinical privileges are the responsibility of the Credentials Committee on behalf of the Clinical Staff Executive Committee and approved by the Health System Board.


Credentialing: the process of establishing the qualifications of licensed professionals and assessing their background and legitimacy.  It may include granting and reviewing specific clinical privileges, and medical or advanced practice clinical staff membership.  The process is generally an objective evaluation of a subject's current licensure, training or experience, competence, and ability to provide particular services or perform particular procedures.  Personnel credentialing is typically undertaken at the commencement of employment (initial application) and at regular intervals thereafter (reappointment).

Privileges:  the authority given to a clinician to practice at a Medical Center/Hospital within the scope of privileges or within the Graduate Medical Education (GME) training program granted to him/her by that Medical Center/Hospital.