Application Information

All prospective international exchange students must complete the ACPE application.  All written materials, transcripts, and other documents must be in English. The $50 non-refundable processing fee should be in American funds--checks and money orders are acceptable forms of payment. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please click here for information regarding immunizations.

  • International students living in the United States with Resident Alien status must provide a copy of their immigration registration card and any other relevant documents such as work permits, green cards, etc.
  • International students with Non-Resident Alien status should apply at least nine months prior to the start of their desired program to allow time for visa processing. (Please see “Visa Information for Non-Resident Aliens.”)

Visa Information

  • Non-Resident Aliens Applying for Summer and Extended Units of CPE: Non-resident aliens ordinarily apply for the J-I Visa after they have been accepted into the Summer or Extended programs. Once accepted, the student should contact the national Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. office (email: phone: 404-320-1472) to apply for a visa. This visa process can take from 6 (six) to 9  (nine) months to complete and must be obtained before starting CPE. Please remember that it is the Summer/Extended CPE student’s responsibility to coordinate their visa with the ACPE office. Note: If a non-resident alien currently has a multiple entry visa or some other current U.S. entry or immigration document, a copy should be provided at the time of application.
  • Non-Resident Aliens Applying for CPE Residency: Non-resident aliens normally apply for a J-1 Visa after being accepted into the UVa Health System CPE Residency program. J-1 visa applications are coordinated by a UVa visa officer. (The Chaplaincy Department serves as a liaison between the visa officer and the applicant.) Please note: Non-resident aliens selected for CPE Residency should plan on arriving in Charlottesville no less than one month before the program begins.

Interview Information

  • Applicants for Summer and Extended programs must be interviewed by someone who meets ACPE Standards. The interview is best conducted by a UVa Health System ACPE-certified supervisor; however, it may take place with another qualified interviewer. In cases where the interview is conducted by someone other than a UVa supervisor, the applicant must send an interview report to the UVa supervisor and arrange to have a telephone interview with the UVa supervisor.
  • All applicants for CPE Residencies and Supervisory CPE must have a personal interview with the ACPE certified supervisors at the University of Virginia Health System .  For non-resident internationals, a teleconference or other alternative interview procedure may be established, but a direct personal interview is preferable.

Special Notations:

  • This CPE  Center does not offer a stipend/salary for Summer or Extended units. A stipend with benefits is offered to CPE Residents.
  • This CPE  Center does not offer housing for CPE students. Please visit the Blue Ridge Apartment Council or the UVA Housing Division for housing options.
  • Other requirements for international students may apply. For example, the TOEFL examination is required for anyone who is a non-resident alien and speaks English as a second language.

We are available to assist you with any questions you may have about the process. Please contact Chaplaincy Services at 434-924-2642 or email