Enso Introduction

The stress response creates a blind spot of self-awareness and engaging in stress reducing activities. Most people will focus their attention on the people around them; family members, friends, and coworkers; and the external sources of stress rather than the internal impact that stress is having on our bodies or thoughts. Awareness of how our bodies and thoughts are responding to stress creates an opportunity for us to use strategies to reduce the physical strain and make better problem-solving choices.

What is Enso?

The stress response creates physical and thought reactions; often without mindful attention. The name Enso represents the idea of an imperfect and incomplete circle where the mind, body, and spirit can come together in new ways. The design and tools of Enso are intended to assist the user to become more aware of their body and surrounding in order to support mindful choices and actions.

Enso is a stress assessment tool that helps with an identify levels of stress for yourself and work place while providing links to more detailed awareness or resources. Enso uses the stress continuum framework that uses the colors green, yellow, orange, and red to identify different levels of stress. Recognizing our stress level is helpful because there is no one way, or right way, to respond to the stress in our lives. Stress is dynamic and we can transition different stress zones from day to day. Enso helps to assess and give feedback about your stress zone and the stress zone of your work place. Enso is a tool for self-screening to increase awareness and to encourage participants to use additional relevant resources rather than a diagnostic tool for mental health conditions. Enso uses short screening questions (survey) to identify strengths and vulnerabilities. Recommended resources are then offered based on your self-assessment. All of the resources are available even without completing screening questions. Enso can be used on a computer or a mobile device. At present, Enso is an internet tool that connects via a web browser. An independent App in in development.

Why should I use Enso?

Enso provides feedback based on your choices and your experiences. Because no two days are alike, Enso can keep track of your stress levels and provide a graph for you to see trends. For example, using Enso once a day would provide a graph about the patternsof resilience and stress for yourself and with your workplace. Is my data protected? All Enso users have an encrypted Enso Identifier (you can see your code in your profile)that is unique to you and only you know what the your code is. The Enso team cannot link any data to an individual unless you provide your identity code. There is a privacy and data use statement on the Enso home page for more information. Who will see my data? The Wisdom and Wellbeing team manages the Enso site and data. The primary purpose of Enso is to provide meaningful information and resources for the individual user. A secondary use of Enso is to provide a stress thermometer for organizations or communities. This de-identified information about the stress load of large groups or workplaces can then inform the need for resources or to conduct a focused assessment in an organization. The secondary data analysis is not conducted for any group less than eight. The privacy and data use statement on the Enso home page has more information.

How do I get started?

1. Go to: html linkhttps://enso.nursing.virginia.edu

2. Sign in with net badge (The net badge is only to validate you as a UVA user for the sign on. No data associated with your net badge sign in collected.)

3. Review the Privacy and Data Use Agreement. Select "I agree" to continue.

4. Select "Join a unit" to set your profile.

5. Complete your profile (your profile can be updated any time)

     a. Organization: Select a best fit from the drop-down menu

     b. Department: Selecta best fit from the drop-down menu

     c. Role

     d. Select your active unit. Some people have more than one work place. You can  change your workplace as you change work settings.

     e. Decide if you want to opt-in for Enso related emails. This would include notices about resilience resources and Enso updates.

6. Select the Take Surveys

     a. The Self Check In is a four-question screen that asks about how you are doing.

     b. Select Surveys. The Workplace Check In survey is a five-question screen about your workplace.

     c. The third survey is a 10-question personal wellness screen. The results of this this screen then will active other assessments as needed and suggest resources that are relevant to your responses.

7. The My Surveys page is the user home page. You will see what surveys are active and available for use along with links to Reports, Resources, and Settings.

8. Bookmark the https://enso.nursing.virginia.edu webpage to your mobile or desktop web browser.