Something annoying just happened.

You've been triggered. It happens! But, you've got this! Here is a technique to help you. It is called S.T.O.P. 

First, imagine a STOP sign 

Then, follow the S.T.O.P technique.

Stop: pause for a moment

Take a Breath: to calm and suspend judgment

Observe: what am I feeling? What are my goals?  What are my choices?

Proceed with awareness. Use Curiosity (see other tab). 


The Circle of Influence is not the Same As The Circle of Concern:
Circle of Influence is what you have control over. 

We all have a large circle of concern.  Global warming might be a good example. Our circle of influence is considerably smaller. 

When you are concerned about something, ask yourself “what is my circle of influence?” What can I do about this concern?  Is there someone else whose help I need in order to effectively influence this concern?

Often understanding this difference can help.