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After Vaccination

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What reactions can I expect after receiving the vaccine?

The studies conducted over several months following vaccination continue to suggest that the vaccines are quite safe. It is very common to feel fatigue for a few days after being vaccinated, especially following the second dose. Muscle aches, joint aches, and chills occur less frequently but have been reported. Fever is uncommon but reported. As you can tell, these symptoms and signs all resemble those seen with COVID-19. Your arm may feel sore afterward and as long as the discomfort is located only at or around the injection site, it generally is not dangerous.

If I have a fever or other signs/symptoms after getting vaccinated, what do I do?

Experiencing symptoms after a vaccine are common and may occur with COVID-19 vaccines. The limited data that has been made public indicates side effects can occur, particularly after the second dose.

If you have symptoms consistent with COVID or occurring during the week after the vaccine, you should call Employee Health 4-2013. If your symptoms are like those seen with COVID-19, you will be referred for testing at the COVID Clinic and asked to stay off work while awaiting test results.

If I am kept off of work due to an adverse vaccine reaction, will I be paid?

If it is determined by Employee Health to be a vaccine related adverse event, you generally will be paid during the leave and details will be determined by Human Resources.

Will my side effects be reported to anyone?

Your manager will be notified, if you need testing. Employee Health will report adverse reactions to the state and federal vaccine safety tracking sites as required as part of the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization.

Will I be protected from COVID-19 after my first dose of vaccine?

While protection begins to form after the first shot, one is not considered protected after the first shot. Even after the second shot, the protection is not complete and you must continue to wear PPE and follow exposure guidelines.

Do I need to wear PPE after vaccination?

Yes. While vaccine study data indicate that the vaccines provide excellent protection from getting the symptoms of covid-19, it is not definitive yet whether the vaccines prevent transmission of the virus from person to person. In addition, information is not yet available about the length of time the vaccine offers protection from COVID-19. Thus, recipients must continue to wear PPE, practice social distancing and take other steps to prevent exposure to the virus.

If I am exposed to COVID-19 after vaccination, will I be considered an exposure?

At this time, vaccine study data indicates a reduction in symptomatic infections. This is not equivalent to a reduction in transmission; however, limited data so far suggest that the vaccine likely reduces transmission as well. So, until further data is collected and immunization is widespread, vaccine recipients involved in exposure situations will still be considered exposed. Thus, it is currently still standard of care to use PPE after vaccination.

I noticed my immunization record is not in my MyChart account. How do I fix this?

The Team Member vaccination system is separate from the Epic system; therefore, the immunization does not appear in your MyChart.  If you want this to list in your MyChart, please reach out to your Primary Care Provider and have them note the immunization in your record.  Proof of vaccination will be required.