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Training and Educational Resources

for Occupational Exposure Prevention

Resources by global region:

Resources from the International Healthcare Worker Safety Center:

Key links and documents for:

Resources from the International Healthcare Worker Safety Center

Note: Most of the articles below originally appeared in the Center's journal, Advances in Exposure Prevention. All AEP articles are copyrighted by the IHWSC and may only be downloaded and reproduced for educational purposes. They may not be linked to or reproduced on other websites without written permission of the IHWSC. For questions, click here.

◊ Cost of needlestick injuries

◊ Efficacy of safety-engineered sharp medical devices in preventing needlesticks

◊ Epidemiology of sharps injuries and blood exposurse; exposure risks to healthcare workers; implementing sharps surveillance and sharps safety programs

◊ Interviews with occupationally infected healthcare workers

◊ Occupational co-infection with HIV and HCV

◊ Device-specific sharps injury risks

◊ Setting-specific sharps injury risks

◊ Other resources

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - articles, information and training material relevant to occupational exposure prevention and follow-up:

CDC articles:

More CDC links here.

World Health Organization - documents and links relevant to healthcare worker safety:

More WHO links here.

Joint Commission:

Premier Safety Institute (U.S.):

Note to Visitors

As of January 2013, this website is no longer being
actively updated. It will continue to be accessible 
as a UVA site for its research and historical value.

The information and documents available on the site continue to be relevant for researchers in the area of sharps safety and protection of healthcare workers from bloodborne pathogen exposures.

EPINet Data for 2010 and 2011

Available here. 

Consensus Statement and Call to Action on Sharps Safety Released March 2012