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The Patient Advocate


The Patient Advocate

BeWell is a UVA Health System wellness movement where the UVA team member, as a participant, is the center of the journey. The goal of the program is to improve the health and well-being of these team members, as our participants.

Within the journey, participants are supported by a Patient Advocate to help them navigate their way through a plan of action and resource availability. The Patient Advocate will assist participants with the development of healthcare goals and a plan of action to achieve those goals. Additionally, the Patient Advocate will support the participant for the duration of the program following the plan of action development. Support will consist of removing barriers, helping the participant deal with challenges, encouragement and motivation, instruction, as well as effective communication between the participant and Provider.

The Patient Advocate recognizes that the heart of forward movement and goal achievement consists of building a bridge between diagnosis and change while also helping to remove barriers to successfully overcoming challenges. Patient Advocates help participants achieve their health care goals, one step at a time.

The beginning of the journey requires a desire to improve health and well-being with the guidance of the Provider, at the middle of the journey is the participant and at the end of the journey are new beginnings!

BeWell…A Wellness Movement is the UVA way to prioritize UVA’s health and well-being like never before. The Patient Advocate helps the participant get started today, because tomorrow can’t wait!