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Nominations & Elections

The PNSO membership is actively engaged in electing their representatives and amending the governance principles of their Bylaws.

October offers the annual opportunity to elect the future PNSO President and Nominating Committee members, as well as to ratify proposed amendments to the Bylaws.

PNSO Elections

The PNSO conducts web-based elections, ensuring one vote per person and electronically validating voter status of PNSO members.

CAST YOUR VOTE! In early to mid-October, the PNSO website home page will link to the online ballot. Ballot access is granted using your HS Login, and only UVA RNs may vote. Absentee ballots are available October 1 for PNSO members who will be out of office during the normal balloting period; contact the PNSO Office for details.

  • Information about the Candidates for President-Elect and Nominating Committee will be available on the homepage and via email after September 15th
  • Meet the Candidates opportunities are available throughout October.  You may also invite candidates to speak at your practice area's staff meeting.
  • Election Results are emailed to all RNs and posted to the homepage the day after elections close, once the official Election Tellers have confirmed the vote. New officers may be introduced at the November Nursing Summit as well.

The Planning Process for Annual Elections

Bylaws Amendments: During the summer months, the Cabinet reviews the Bylaws and discusses potential amendments. Proposed amendments, if any, will be placed on the October ballot.

Identifying Candidates: The Nominating Committee meets over the summer months and begins the process of identifying the slate of election candidates. Contact the Nominating Committee and submit the Nomination Form if interested in candidacy; a formal Call for Candidates takes place in early summer (no later than July). The slate is announced by September 15.

Becoming a Candidate for Office

Nomination Form for PNSO Office - If interested in candidacy, please fill out this form when the Call for Candidates is issued in early Summer, no later than July.  Refer to Operational Guideline 2 for further details and the form itself. NOTE: Your essay will be shared with PNSO voters during the campaign.

The PNSO Bylaws and Operational Guidelines - Several sections of the PNSO Bylaws specifically govern the nominations and elections process; additional aspects are defined by the Operational Guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with the principles your leadership role will exemplify and uphold.

Potential candidates should review the above documents in detail, and discuss the requirements of the role with your manager - including time commitments for 1-3 years depending on the office - prior to applying for candidacy. A Nominating Committee member will review your application and contact you regarding questions and next steps. Candidacy will be confirmed before the start of campaigning in September, and official candidates should preserve time on their schedules to meet with voters at various events throughout September-October, as well as at the November Summit.

The Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee members are elected by the PNSO membership annually in October to a two-year term; terms are staggered, so that two members and the chair change each year. This committee identifies potential candidates for the succeeding year's elected offices of President-elect and Nominating Committee, as well as offering a list of potential Nursing Cabinet appointees for the Executive Committee's consideration. Thus, UVA nurses' choices for Nominating Committee in turn directly affect their future representation.

2018 Chair: Luella Glanzer (per Bylaws, the Chair is Past-President of the PNSO)

2018 Elected Members: (per Bylaws, there are 4 members)

  • Rebecca Gilbert & Doug Wood (1st year of 2-year term)
  • Amy Jordan & Shelly Legg (2nd year of 2-year term)


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