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Effective communication is essential to the health of a shared governance organization. The PNSO uses a broad variety of strategies in order to facilitate communication with the PNSO membership. These strategies are coordinated through the PNSO Support Office by the appointed PNSO Communications Officer (now part of the role of the Director of Nursing Governance Programs); the Nursing Cabinet also serves as an advisory board guiding the best ways to exchange information and feedback with our nursing constituency.

Communication Strategies

Interpersonal Relations - At UVA Health System, we follow a Relationship-Based Model of Patient Care, and relationships are also key to ensuring communication between PNSO leaders and members, and with interprofessional colleagues, patients and visitors. Nursing leaders at all levels are engaged in exchanging information and following through on improvement feedback, whether their role is operational leadership, upper-level clinicians, elected/appointed representatives or committee volunteers.

The PNSO Website offers a wealth of electronic resources through both internet and employee-only intranet sites designed for UVA nurses; it also serves as a gateway to interdisciplinary Health System sites, the broader University community, and World-Wide Web resources.

Nursing-Specific Emails - Implementing a suggestion from direct care nurses, UVA nurses can recognize nursing-specific emails that come from the PNSO; they can triage the level of importance using the subject line's consistent priority scheme, which indicates, for instance, mandatory practice changes or time-sensitive tasks. The PNSO Support Office maintains email distribution lists that reach all UVA RNs, as well as targeted populations of nurses and PNSO committees. The email traffic doesn't flow solely from office to members -- direct care nurses use these lists to email practice queries and improvement ideas to their colleagues, or request assistance from the PNSO Support Office in advertising opportunities more broadly.

Nursing-Related Publications - The PNSO sponsors a variety of nursing-related publications throughout the year. Generally, publications are shared electronically, "going green" by reducing paper print-outs. The PNSO Annual Report celebrates the accomplishments of individual UVA nurses (e.g., presentations, publications, certifications, degrees, and career ladder advancements) as well as the outcomes of Nursing Cabinet-sponsored initiatives on behalf of the PNSO membership. Important nursing practice-related changes and areas of quality focus are shared monthly by email and web-posting in the Practice News, produced by the Clinical Practice Committee; the CPC's subcommittees also periodically produce new UVA-specific nursing procedures. Our Chief Nursing Officer continues a long-standing tradition of sharing news and celebrating individual nursing achievements in the NurseTalk video/newsletter among other communication venues.

PNSO-Sponsored Events - Staff meetings, Nursing Cabinet,  the annual Nursing Summit and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium, Week of the Nurse celebrations, and many other PNSO events offer nursing staff numerous opportunities throughout the year to network with leaders across the organization, build mentoring relationships, and share ideas for improvement.

Employee Engagement Survey - The workplace satisfaction of all employees is regularly assessed using the organizational engagement survey. The survey is conducted using a validated, benchmarked tool to measure key environmental and professional elements that affect worklife, retention, and patient care delivery. Survey results are used to evaluate organizational changes, benchmark program outcomes, and identify growth areas. The voice of every RN can be heard through participation in this annual survey, and the PNSO Cabinet and other shared governance groups at the local and central levels take action based on survey results.

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