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Peer Review

Quick Links to Resources:

  • Operational Guideline #9: Peer Review and Self Evaluation (last rev 03/2018)
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback Classes (register in Net Learning.  Use "Giving and Receiving Feedback" for search term.)


A Valued, Essential Professional Skill

Peer review is used to provide individual nurses with the feedback they need to plan and pursue their professional growth and to improve the care they provide. As such, it is an adjunct to self-assessment, professional-goal setting, portfolio enhancement, Clinical Career Ladder Panel review, competency assessment and annual performance appraisal.

Professional nurses are expected to demonstrate that they participate in peer review in an ongoing manner. Peer review is a component of any performance improvement plan for individual nurses. It is expected that professional­ nursing at UVA Health System is practiced in an environment in which nurses openly share feedback on a consistent and constructive basis. Peer review is a required component of annual Performance Appraisals, and portfolios for Clinical Career Ladder revalidation and advancement.

Developing Peer Review Skills

The PNSO has developed a variety of ways to enhance nurses' skills and confidence in peer review and to provide a forum in which to emphasize its importance to professional practice. 

There is a Giving and Receiving Feedback class through NetLearning. Examples relevant to each Clinical Career Ladder level are linked to the left. The Professional Development Committee continues to work on additional resources and educational opportunities for our peers to facilitate this essential component of our shared governance model. 

Peer Reviews for Performance Evaluations: Peer Reviews as part of a Performance Appraisal should provide assessment of the employee's demonstrated practice of clinical behaviors of their current position. As of Spring 2018, Peer Reviews for Performance Appraisals will be completed via the applicable forms in the Self-Serve PeopleSoft system.  The tool(s) used to complete Peer Review may change moving forward. Two peer reviews are required for Performance Appraisals. One is assigned.  The other is self-selected by the employee.  For the self-selected peer review, the clinician should notify their immediate supervisor with the name of the peer providing the review.  The supervisor will enter the Colleague Input/Peer Review assignment into PeopleSoft.

Peer Reviews for Clinical Career Ladder Portfolios: Peer Reviews completed as part of a Performance Evaluation are not to be submitted as part of a portfolio used for Advancement on the Clinical Ladder. Peer Reviews as part of a portfolio should provide assessment of the employees demonstrated practice of next level clinical behaviors. As of Spring 2018, these types of Peer Reviews are completed using a Word document template. More information can be found here.


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