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Developmental Funding Assistance

Nursing Administration provides central resources when RNs wish for assistance in participating in certain professional development opportunities.

Nurses are encouraged to explore the UVA Medical Center's and Nursing's funding support options in pursuing professional development opportunities. Their initial options include:


  • Human Resources' Employee Benefits program for Educational Assistance also covers certain types of professional development funding, including individual classes, higher degree programs, certification-preparation courses and exam fees.

 Nursing Scholarship Program

The Nursing Scholarship Program offers scholarship opportunities for qualified Medical Center employees to pursue a higher nursing degree.

All Full-time employees, and Flex Option employees budgeted at 0.6 FTE or higher, with a minimum of one year of service prior to application are eligible to apply.  The program is centrally funded and administered to ensure that all eligible Medical Center employees have equal access, regardless of the budget limitations of their department.

Click for more information on the Nursing Scholarship Program (login required)

Funding Support for Professional Certifications

Funding support for professional certifications, including nursing certifications, is offered through Medical Center Human Resources as part of the educational assistance benefits package for employees.

Applying for Certification Funding Support:
To apply for funding support, eligible employees will need to submit the Educational Assistance Request Form (login required), following the procedures outlined in HR Policy 301 (login required). Nursing certifications eligible for funding assistance must be on this list of National Certifications recognized by the ANCC for reporting on the Magnet Demographic Data Collection Tool (DDCT)TM. Certifications NOT reimbursed include:

  • Certifications required for NPs or CNSs
  • Certifications required by virtue of job or position

Nursing Certification Opportunities:
Learn more about nursing certification opportunities at the PNSO Certification Toolkit.

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