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PPSV Survey Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion for the PPSV Survey sent by the Ambulatory Cardiology Research Team.

Please complete the fields below and click Submit once you have completed the PPSV Survey. You should receive an email that you may print and present as your Certificate of Completion in order to receive your ProShop rewards coupon.

I certify that I have completed the PPSV Survey

If you have completed all fields and reviewed to ensure your entries are correct, please click the Submit button. Otherwise, please make any needed corrections or click the Reset button to begin again.

Making Data Work for Nursing

We are delighted to offer a complimentary online course for continuing education credit titled, "Making Data Work for Nursing: Using Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice to Affect Nursing Outcomes".

This course brings you research and best practices about recovering medication errors thereby enhancing patient safety, a research mentorship program, and fiscal stewardship to improve nurse staffing.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply research about medical error recovery to your practice
  • Discover how to utilize mentors to foster nursing research
  • Utilize strategies to successfully acquire nursing resources

Click here for more information.

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