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Nursing Research Program

Key Contacts:

  • Lisa Cantore Letzkus, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC, CCRN, Nursing Research Program Director; email pnso@virginia.edu.
  • E. Claiborne Miller-Davis, Nursing Research Program Coordinator

2019 UVA Evidence-Based Practice Symposium Abstracts, click here.

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The PNSO tracks and applauds outcomes of the Nursing Research Program which influence practice changes at UVAHS. We also celebrate the many contributions to national and international nursing practice achieved by publication of our clinicians' findings.

Outcomes of unit-based research programs go well beyond the expansion of the number of research projects being conducted within the nursing department. Clinicians who are involved in a unit-based research project:

  • expand their skills in clinical inquiry, writing, communication, and formal presentations;
  • increase their clinical knowledge and move beyond competence in their specialty area of practice;
  • experience what it means to be a professional nurse and to take responsibility for their nursing practice;
  • gain a high level of recognition for their research efforts; and
  • they learn how to mentor others, as this skill is transferable.

These professional accomplishments have been evident in RM clinical ladder advancements; local, regional and national presentations; publications; awards; and also in second generation projects that have emerged.

Managerial and administrative outcomes associated with the unit-based research model include potential:

  • improved patient outcomes and cost savings;
  • a high level of research productivity, ensuring compliance with research standards of nursing organizations;
  • increased regional and national visibility of the practice area and the Health System, leading to increased recruitment of nurses to the facility; and
  • reductions in staff turnover.

The Research Program director has also been frequently called to consult on projects not sponsored by the program, including collaborating with clinicians, advanced practice nurses, administrators and other disciplines to structure new quality improvement and evidence-based projects.  Specific examples include:

  • Targeting readmission reductions
  • Instituting new care programs
  • Enhancing patient outcomes
Making Data Work for Nursing

We are delighted to offer a complimentary online course for continuing education credit titled, "Making Data Work for Nursing: Using Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice to Affect Nursing Outcomes".

This course brings you research and best practices about recovering medication errors thereby enhancing patient safety, a research mentorship program, and fiscal stewardship to improve nurse staffing.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply research about medical error recovery to your practice
  • Discover how to utilize mentors to foster nursing research
  • Utilize strategies to successfully acquire nursing resources

Click here for more information.

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Active Nursing Research Studies
  • 12-Hour Nursing Shifts (SBS-IRB # 2016-0087-00)
  • Breast Reconstruction (HSR-IRB #18143)
  • Comparision of two blood glucose finger sticks (standard practice of finger stick vs. alternative site-palm of the hand) for patient comfort (and accuracy when AST compared with standard practice (HSR-IRB #7603)
  • Exploring the prevalence of blood return using aspiration techniques with IM vaccine administration (HSR-IRB #17799)
  • Extravasation-Measurement of a nursing sensitive quality outcome for ambulatory oncology nursing practice:  (HSR-IRB #16943)
  • Feasibility of Sedation and Analgesia Management Algorithm (HSR-IRB #18238)
  • In patients undergoing single joint replacement surgery, does introducing CAPA duirng the postoperative period increase patient satisfaction as measured by APSPOQ-R? (HSR-IRB #18349)
  • Newborn Home Visits (HSR-IRB #19333)
  • Outcomes of Patients Evaluated in the Complicated C. difficile Clinic  (HSR-IRB# 18117)
  • Pediatric Platlet Transfusion (HSR-IRB #18467)
  • Perceptions of trauma in labor and delivery (HSR-IRB #17950)
  • Pilot Study:  Sleep in the STBICU (HSR-IRB #18124)
  • Red light Study (HSR-IRB #18437)
  • Renal Unit Anticoagulation (HSR-IRB #18764)