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Nursing Initiative - Education Planning Detail

Some initiatives require in-depth educational efforts to prepare staff appropriately for the change. Once you submit your original initative proposal, one of the Management Committee reviewers  will contact you to serve as your liaison throughout implementation - and will help you to develop the details of your Educational Plan together, using the form below.

EDUCATION PLAN: Use the prompts below to define the plan for staff education needed prior to implementation, including audience, communication media, responsible person(s), and timeframe for completion. Delineate plans between existing staff and new staff orientation.
Learner Population: Who needs to be educated about the change? Pick all that apply.
Requesting NPDS involvement in planning or delivering education? For this education, what level of involvement is needed from the Nursing Professional Development Services department? Pick all that apply. [To arrange NPDS assistance, contact Susan Galloway, Director of Nursing Professional Development Services, sjg8d@virginia.edu]
Education/Training Delivery Method anticipated: Check all that apply. If "other", describe below.
Requesting VNA Contact Hours? For this education, are you requesting that Nursing Contact Hours be awarded?

Have Trainers/Educators been identified?

Do the necessary education materials already exist?

Will a Competency Assessment be needed? After this education takes place, will staff need to demonstrate and document a Competency?

Educational Compliance Report needed? Is a report needed that tracks which individuals were expected to complete education, showing which individuals did and didn't meet that expectation?

Is funding required for education? If so, has funding source been identified?

Review your entries and when ready, click the "Submit" button to complete your form.
Questions about this form? Email the PNSO Management Committee.


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