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RN Satisfaction Survey

The RN Satisfaction Survey is for nurses who provide direct patient care within the Health System. 

Open October 3-23

Enter the survey here: www.nursingquality.org/survey.

At the survey site, you will need to complete the following steps:

            Step 1:  Copy our hospital RN Survey Code, which is 5JECTUY.

            Step 2:  Select your unit from a list box. Click to clarify your practice area.

            Step 3:  Confirm your selections.

            Step 4:  Complete the survey (will take 15-20 minutes).

            Step 5:  Submit the survey.

            Step 6: Fill out the prize card and return to the PNSO Office.

Nurses! Promote positive change! The 2011 RN Satisfaction Survey is your opportunity to identify the initiatives that are improving our work environment. Your feedback helps to evaluate programs and directs change. Last year, we exceeded the national average with 86% participation! What can we do this year?

The RN Satisfaction Survey is administered by the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI); it is anonymous and confidential. This survey examines the issues that most directly affect nurses and nursing practice. It was developed by nurse researchers and is used by many healthcare organizations to measure specific factors contributing to nurse satisfaction.

Click to view the letter from NDNQI.




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