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Evidence Based Practice Committee

The Evidence Based Practice Committee (formerly R3) is UVA PNSO Central Committee with the following duties: collaborate with PNSO Practice Committees to incorporate the Evidence Based Practice Template into decision making processes; foster understanding of Levels of Evidence; support efforts to increase research utilization; receive updates/reports from PNSO Nursing Research Mentor Program; contribute to Evidence-Based Practice Symposium planning.

  • Members will author EBP statements for the monthly Practice Newsletter
  • Members will bring new evidence to each meeting for possible investigation for implementation
  • Members will also be available to aid local committees and/or clinicians with their EBP questions

Mission Statement:

To ensure that nursing practice is at the highest caliber through the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values

Current Chairs:

Starting the Process: 

If you are looking to support or possibly change your process with Evidence Based Practice literature, please do the following:

  • Go to the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library home page by go to https://www.hsl.virginia.edu/
  • In the middle of the page, click on Nurses. This brings you to “Scholarly Resources” home page.

  • Perform an initial search in the Cochrane Library and Joanna Briggs

  • Once you go through these two resource sites, then reach out to the Health Sciences librarian or your EBPC member in your particular clinical area or reach out directly to the EBPC Chairs

  • Committee members will help with filling out the EBPC template so that it can then be brought to the committee members for further investigation
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Committee Members

Current Committee Members:

  • Dani Ottinger, DNP, NNP-BC - NICU (Co Chair)
  • Melly Turner, RN - Heart Clinic(Co-Chair)
  • Kelly Pudhorodsky, RN - 5 Central (Vice Chair)
  • Amy Ballenger, RN - OPSC
  • Amanda Boone, RN - Xions Crossroads Renal
  • Rose Lewis, RN, MSN, NP - 6 East
  • Kelly Near - HS Librarian
  • Linda Peffley-Firer, RN, MSN - NPDS
  • Misty Philpott, RN - OR
  • Matt Robertson, MSN, NP - STIBCU
  • Pam Robertson, RN - CCU
  • Bethany Sarosiek, RN, MSN, MPH - ERAS
  • Katie Snyder, RN - OP Transplant

 Committee Members at large (clinical area resources) :

  • Scott Darrah II, RN, MSN, ACCNS-AG - Medical Subspecialties 
  • Barb Trotter, RN - Acute Care General Medicine
  • Clara Winfield, RN - SAS