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Suggest a Change

The PNSO Clinical Practice Committee encourages UVA nurses to suggest ways to improve patient care, whether through a nursing practice or procedural change, a change in forms & documentation, or a change in equipment.

In keeping with the PNSO's philosophy of evidence-based practice, nurses initiating ideas should be prepared to assist with researching the issue and identifying effective solutions, especially if the proposed change potentially affects multiple practice areas.

The first step is initiating an emailed proposal using the Evidence-Based Framework  and the form below.

The second step is to fill out the Evidence-Based Template describing the rationale for the change, level of evidence, and other considerations involved in decisionmaking.  Click here to view a completed example of this form. If inexperienced at this, nurses are encouraged to seek guidance from the Nursing Research Program Directors, Research Review/Recommendation Committee, and/or the Health System Library's Nursing Liaison.

The third step is to present the completed Evidence-Based Template at a Clinical Practice Committee meeting, discussing with committee members your evidence-based findings and incorporating the perspectives of the various practice areas they represent.

If approved, the proposal may be delegated to an appropriate subcommittee for further planning, in collaboration with interdisciplinary stakeholders as needed (e.g., new medical devices; EMR order sets and reports; impacts to workflow of interdisciplinary colleagues). For instance, changes that affect multiple Nursing units must be scheduled through the Management Committee, which helps ensure a manageable level of large-scale nursing education and implementation efforts in any given month.

For issues which are very broad in scope, or require significant research and implementation planning, the committee may decide to commission a workgroup for this purpose. This in-depth investigation is presented at the annual Evidence-Based Practice Symposium.

The nurse initiating the idea is strongly encouraged to participate in, if not lead, the workgroup's effort to fulfill his/her envisioned change!

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