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Our Core Principles

The Professional Nursing Staff Organization (PNSO) provides the mechanism for the discipline of Nursing to establish, uphold, and communicate its values and standards within the University of Virginia Health System. The following are core documents and texts that have been adopted by the PNSO to fulfill its guiding mission. The Nursing Cabinet reviews and revises this list every three years and as indicated.

Welcome to the PNSO!

  • What is "shared governance"? 

  • Our PNSO Bylaws guide our shared governance. The Bylaws are adopted by vote of the PNSO membership, and outline the structure and expectations of key groups and roles fulfilling the mission of the UVA Professional Nursing Staff Organization.

Our Nursing Vision: We Make The Difference!

Our Nursing Values

  • PNSO Values align with the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, as well as UVAHS core values of Respect, Integrity, Stewardship, and Excellence.

Our Nursing Professional Practice Model 

  • The PNSO Professional Practice Model (PPM) - this model integrates all of the PNSO's core principles, illustrating the inter-relationship between our organizational goals and values, our nursing care delivery system, and our structures and processes that support superlative outcomes.

Our Nursing Care Delivery System is Relationship-Based Care

  • The conceptual framework describing how UVA Nurses approach the care we deliver to our patients is Relationship-Based Care, emphasizing 3 fundamental human relationships that affect the patient experience: a nurse's relationship to self, to colleagues, and to patients and families.

Our Clinical Practice is Evidence-Based

Our Nursing Strategic Plan

  • Based on the principles outlined above, our CNO, PNSO President, and Nursing Cabinet steer nursing's collaborative efforts via our Nursing Strategic Plan: periodically developing goals and our strategies for achieving them, assessing our progress, and reevaluating our priorities. See the current Nursing Work Plan.

UVA Health System Diversity Statement

  • The Diversity Statement had its genesis in the PNSO Diversity and Culturally Appropriate Care Committee in 2005 following a discussion with UVA nursing students related to incidents of care refusal based upon issues of diversity.  This statement serves to assert our support for diversity as it affects the duty to care for our patients, as well as the knowledge of and tolerance for ethnic, cultural, and social beliefs of the people in our community.  In January 2007, the Diversity Statement as generated by the PNSO was adopted by the entire Health System, including the Medical Center, School of Nursing, and School of Medicine.
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Welcome to the Professional Nursing Staff Organization! All Registered Nurses employed by the UVA Health System's Medical Center, School of Nursing and School of Medicine are members of our Professional Nursing Staff Organization (PNSO). Please provide us feedback!

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