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A to Z - Find PNSO Info

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Abstract Writing & Presentation/Publication Support

Advance Directive resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Advancement on the Clinical Career Ladder

Agenda/Minutes Template for PNSO committee meetings, local or central

Ambulatory Nursing Committee, and local/regional Ambulatory committees 2017 

APN / Administrator toolkit (includes resources for Administrators hiring advanced practice nurses, as well)

APN Resources: Practice, Professional Development, Shared Governance

Applications (RN Scholarship)

Applications (Research Funding Support)

Approval Form: UVA Medical Center Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Commitments

Awards & Recognition


Beds, Support Surfaces, & Linens (Nursing Focus Areas)

Bedside Report resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Behaviors, Clinician I-IV and Wage RN (revisions effective 7/1/2017)

Be Safe & Standard Work resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Blast (Thursday Blast Email archives)

Blood Stream Infection Prevention Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Brand Central templates for UVA powerpoints, posters, flyers, etc.

Bylaws & Operational Guidelines of the PNSO



Calendar of Nursing Operational Impacts

Call for Abstracts due 2/23/18 for 5/8/18 Evidence-Based Practice Symposium

Candidacy for PNSO Elected Office

Care Delivery Model of UVA Nurses (Relationship-Based Care)

Care Partner resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Career Ladder

CAUTI Prevention resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

CE Direct

Certification Toolkit

Cipriano Research Fund application

CLABSI Prevention resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Clinical Career Ladder

Clinical Instructors: UVA Medical Center Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Commitments

Clinical Practice Committee (central PNSO)

Clinical Operations Directory of contact information for managers and units/clinics

Committee Chairs & Missions (2015 PNSO Central Committees) & Local Chairs & Committees

Committee Organizational Chart (2015 PNSO)

Committee Tools (Shared Governance Toolkit & shared agenda worksheets)

Communications by & for UVA nurses

Core Principles of PNSO / UVA Nurses

Critical Care Nursing procedure manual (AACN)


DAISY Award nominations

Delirium Assessment & Prevention resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Directory of Clinical Care Services’ contact information for managers and units/clinics

Diversity Statement


Elections to PNSO Office

Email lists for networking with UVA nursing colleagues

Equipment/Supply Change training resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Ethical Practice & Resources for Moral Distress

Evidence-Based Practice Change template (blank worksheet) & completed example

Evidence-Based Practice Framework (flowchart of process to achieve a nursing practice change, based on the Iowa Model)

Evidence-Based Practice Statement (overview of PNSO’s EBP philosophy)

Evidence-Based Practice Symposium April 3, 2019
   past EBPS presentations:  2018 |  2017 |  2016 |  2015 |  2014 20132012 | 2011


Fall Prevention Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Focus Areas

Funding Assistance for Nursing Research

Funding Assistance for Professional Development


Guidelines, Policies, Protocols, Procedures: what's the difference? how to create it, edit it, get it approved?


Handoff of Care Communications (Nursing Focus Areas)

HAPU / Skin Breakdown Prevention Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Healthy Work Environment

Hourly Rounding resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

HUC Resource website


Immunization resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Individual Development Planning tool

Initiative Proposal submission for Management Committee review

Instructors: UVA Medical Center Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Commitments

IV Therapy Safety resources (Nursing Focus Areas)


Knowledge-Sharing Template for Conference Attendees


Lippincott nursing procedure manual (used by Adult Acute, Pediatrics, Ambulatory Care nurses)

Local Chairs & Committees


Magnet Recognition(R) Journey at UVAHS

Management Committee

Management Committee's Initiative Proposal Submission Form

Medication Administration Safety resources & Observation Tool (Nursing Focus Areas)


Minutes Template for committee activities

Moral Distress/Ethics resources


Networking with UVA nursing colleagues – shared email lists

Night Shift Committee & monthly Night Shift Educational Series

Nominations for PNSO Elected Office

Notice of Intent to Advance on the Clinical Career Ladder (webform)

Nursing Calendar - impacts to nursing operations

Nursing Educational Coordinators (NECs) and Role Description

Nursing Excellence Awards

Nursing Focus Areas

Nursing Professional Development Services

Nursing Professional Organizations, local and national

Nursing Research Mentorship Program

Nursing Work Plan


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening & Intervention resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Outcomes Reporting Template now web-based  (quarterly for local & central committee work)


Paging Etiquette Standards (Nursing Focus Areas & MCP 0324 Communication & Escalation)

Pain Assessment & Management Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Patient Privacy protected during care delivery (Nursing Focus Areas)

Patient Safety

Patient Satisfaction and Customer Care Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Peer Review

Peer Review customizable template for structured clinical feedback, e.g. change of shift

PNSO – About the PNSO

PNSO Committee Organizational Chart & Central Committee Chairs/ Missions / Local Chairs & Committees

Policies, Protocols, Guidelines, Procedures: what's the difference? how to create it, edit it, get it approved?

Portfolio Submission for Clinical Career Ladder Advancement

Practice News (monthly PNSO clinical practice newsletter)

Pressure Ulcer / Skin & Wound Care Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Procedure Manuals: Lippincott (used by Adult Acute, Pediatrics, Ambulatory Care nurses)  | AACN (used by Critical Care nurses)  |  Main OR & Outpatient Surgery procedure manual

Professional Development Committee (central PNSO)

Professional Development Funding Assistance

Professional Development - Individual Development Planning tool

Professional Organizations, local and national

Professional Practice Model diagram

Professional Profile


Quiet Time resources (Nursing Focus Areas)


Recognition & Awards

Recruitment & Retention

Regulatory Preparedness (Nursing Focus Area)

Relationship-Based Care (UVA Nurses’ Care Delivery Model)

Research Mentors

Research project funding applications ( P. Cipriano Research Fund S. Burns Research Fund )

Resources for staff to address patient and family needs

Restraint Training & Safety resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

RN Professional Profile

RN Scholarship Applications


Safety for Staff & Patients

SBAR Communication resources [Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation] (Nursing Focus Areas)

Sepsis Screening & Intervention Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Shared Governance Toolkit - agenda/minutes templates, outcomes reports & monthly shared agenda worksheets for committees

Skin Breakdown Prevention Resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Standard Work and other Be Safe resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Suggest a clinical practice change

Supply/Equipment Change training resources (Nursing Focus Areas)


Teach-Back Patient Education resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Thursday Blast (archive page)



UVA Medical Center Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Commitments

Values of UVA Nurses

Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Prevention resources (Nursing Focus Areas)

Vision Statement for UVA Nurses (and Video)


Week of the Nurse (details coming in April)


Z Drive archiving instructions

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