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EMT-Intermediate Classbad

Program Goal

The goal is to produce competent, entry level Intermediate providers to serve in career and volunteer positions in central Virginia.


Synopsis of the Programs

Students in this program bridge from the EMT-Enhanced to the EMT-Intermediate level. EMT-Intermediate bridge students build on the EMT- Enhanced knowledge and skills.  Additional pharmacology and skills are covered.  Identification and management of cardiac arrhythmias is a significant part of this program.


EMT-Intermediate (EMT-I) bridge courses also consist of four components of instruction:

  • Didactic & Laboratory: Minimum of 152 hours
  • Clinical Education: Minimum of 68 hours*
  • Field Internship:  Minimum of 75 hours**
  • ACLS: 12 hours


* Minimum numbers of EMT-I competencies must be completed prior to certification testing.  For example fifteen IV starts and fifteen medication administrations are required.  Some students will require more than 48 hours of clinical education to complete all the competencies. Some clinical rotations may be scheduled on dayshifts during the week.

** During the field internship the EMT-I must function as a team leader on ten calls.  Some students may have to spend more than 48 hours collecting these ten calls.



Next class: January-June 2012

Pretest on October 4, 2011

Contact Prehospital Office for more information: