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Residency Programs

We are proud to announce that the University of Virginia PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program has been selected as the 2017 recipient of the ASHP Foundation Residency Excellence Program Award 

Mission: The UVa Department of Pharmacy Services will provide superlative patient centered care focused on safe medication practices and innovative education and training.

Department of Pharmacy

The University of Virginia Health System consists of the Medical Center and approximately 50 acquired practice sites. The Medical Center is a 600-bed facility serving a primarily rural population in Central Virginia. It features an electronic medical record, computerized physician order entry, barcode medication administration, extensive ambulatory care services, a level one trauma center, an organ transplant program, regional burn and spinal cord injury centers, and other innovative health services. The Department of Pharmacy Services provides decentralized dispensing and clinical services. It has extensive automation, technology, and a state-of-the-art IV clean room. The Department operates pharmacist-run outpatient clinics and an outpatient dispensing pharmacy. In addition, the Department has 9 ASHP-accredited residency programs and serves as a training site for the experiential education of pharmacy students from Virginia Schools of Pharmacy.

General Residency Information

The University of Virginia Health System has supported post-graduate pharmacy education since 1991 when the PGY1 Pharmacy residency was first accredited by ASHP. Since that time, the following PGY2 Residencies have been established: Drug Information (1998), Critical Care (2002), Health System Pharmacy Administration (2010), Oncology (2011), Pharmacy Informatics (2011), Solid Organ Transplant (2013), Infectious Diseases (2015), Pediatrics (2015), Cardiology (2017), and PGY1 Community (2017).  All  programs are ASHP-accredited or in the accreditation process.

Under the guidance of our clinical and administrative staff, residents are involved in clinical, medication use policy, and practice management activities.  Project, service, and teaching opportunities are longitudinal.  Residents are integrated into multidisciplinary patient care teams to optimize pharmacotherapy plans.  This unique and tailored experience will build a foundation for the residents to provide a high level of clinical pharmacy practice.

General Program Information

Application deadlines: January 2nd
Application website: http://www.ashp.org/phorcas
Starting date: July 1st (Mandatory GME orientation in late June)
Estimated stipend: PGY1: $50,265
PGY2: $53,130
Service: PGY1: 16 hours every other weekend
PGY2: 16 hours every fourth weekend + four hour shift once weekly
One major holiday and its adjacent weekend
Benefits: Health, dental and liability insurance
12 days vacation, 8 holidays, and an allotment of educational, interview, and sick days
Training site: State owned teaching hospital
600 beds, 450 average daily census
Pharmacy staff: 250

Current Residents 

Back row (left to right): Emily Burns, Sean McCullough, Audrey Pham, Julianne Fallon, Andrew Brown, Kyle Grose, Charlie Golding, Tabitha Bice 

Front row (left to right): Jill Dann, Ally Stilwell, Sarah DeMott, Meredith Mort, Robert D'Eramo, Katie Lemming, Michelle Plum, Chelsea Zavilla, Kristi Higgins 

PGY1-Pharmacy Residents

Meredith Mort- School: University of Pittsburgh

Tab Bice- School: Auburn University

Ally Stilwell- School: University of North Carolina

Michelle Plum- School: MCPHS University - Boston

Andrew Brown- School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Kristi Higgins- School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Julianne Fallon- School: Virginia Commonwealth University


PGY1-Community Pharmacy Resident

Audrey Pham- School: Virginia Commonwealth University



Health System Pharmacy Administration Residents

PGY1: Robert D'Eramo- School: Virginia Commonwealth University

PGY2: Chelsea Zavilla- School: University of Pittsburgh; PGY1: University of Virginia Health System  

PGY2-Pharmacy Residents

 Critical Care 

Sarah DeMott- School: South Carolina College of Pharmacy; PGY1: University of Virginia Health System

Solid Organ Transplantation

Jillian Dann- School: University of Colorado; PGY1: University of Virginia Health System


Emily Burns- School: Virginia Commonwealth University; PGY1: University of Virginia Health System

Infectious Diseases

Sean McCullough- School: Virginia Commonwealth University; PGY1: University of Virginia Health System


 Kyle Grose- School: University of Kansas; PGY1: University of Virginia Health System

Pediatric Pharmacy

Katie Lemming- School: Shenandoah University; PGY1: University of Virginia Health System

Pharmacy Informatics

Charlie Golding- School: University of Oklahoma; PGY1: Children's Medical Center Dallas




General Residency References

Residency Policy Manual

2017-2018 Residency Biographies


Residency Class Schedules

Pharmacy Residency Schedule 2018-2019

Pharmacy Residency Rotation Schedule 2017-2018

Resident Presentation Schedule 2017-2018

Mini-rotation Schedule 2016



Resident Research and Quality Improvement Projects

Project Due Dates 2017-2018



ACLS training and certification (required)

Certificate in Public Health Sciences for Resident and Fellow Physicians (optional)

Teaching and Learning Certificate (optional)


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Awards and Honors

Find out more about awards and honors at University of Virginia Health System

The University of Virginia PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program was selected as the 2017 recipient of the ASHP Foundation Residency Excellence Program Award

The University of Virginia PGY1-Pharmacy Residency Program was selected as a recipient of the ASHP Residency Expansion Grant for 2015-16


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