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Research & Project Opportunities

Research & Project Opportunities

Any projects that a student engages themselves in must be completed on their own time but will have the support and assistance of the pharmacy administration office. Many project opportunities are flexible in nature and allow the intern to work with respect to their schedule and in some cases, utilizing remote access may be possible. Opportunities for project experience have been noted and listed below. This is not a complete list:


Operations (Contact: Matthew Jenkins, PharmD, MS)
  • Time-Studies to define metrics, units of measure and opportunities for efficiency
  • 340B Program compliance surveillance
  • Compounding Recipe Enhancement: reformatting all entries and ensuring references for all of our formulas
Pediatrics (Contact: Matthew Jenkins, PharmD, MS)
  • Pediatric Ketogenic Diet for the Prevention of Seizures Program: one component is knowing the exact amount of carbohydrates in medication dosage forms (liquids, tablets, IVs, etc). Obtaining the information may include contacting drug companies or reviewing package inserts. This project would utilize a pharmacy intern to help assess different ingredients in the diet.