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Program Outline

Scheduling Description and Outline

Student interns participating in the program are employees of the UVa Health System Department of Pharmacy and will be working under the direction of a pharmacist. The Internship program will start the week after students finish school their P2 year. The students should be able to commit to completing a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks. All Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) requirements should be completed before or after the internship program.

Student interns assume a paid, full time position, working 40 hours per week, possibly including weekend, evening and holiday hours. Students will work every other weekend and will be allowed a maximum of 14 days of unpaid vacation. The projects and daily tasks assigned to student interns are not uniform and can vary greatly between each area. The two summer breaks and winter breaks included within the internship will be utilized by the student pharmacist for the purposes of training and practicing more complex roles within the department. The first summer will be spent doing mainly technician duties while the second summer will include more clinical activities. The student will also have opportunities to work on pharmacy development projects, mentioned below. During the academic year, students shall be required to contribute 16 hours every three (3) weeks of “intern staffing” shifts. These can be in areas in which the specific student has been sufficiently trained. Weekend shifts are utilized to strengthen areas of proven sufficiency.

Pharmacy Interns are classified as either Level I or Level II. Intern I responsibilities are primarily distributive and include preparing sterile and non-sterile products for dispensation, ensuring appropriate documentation throughout the distribution process, ensuring appropriate bulk item packaging, and restocking and delivering drugs and supplies to patient care areas and clinics. In addition to Intern I responsibilities, Intern II responsibilities focus on the provision of clinical pharmaceutical care to patients under the close supervision of licensed pharmacist. This includes preventing, detecting, and resolving medication-related problems, reporting medication errors and adverse drug events, and providing and documenting medication reconciliation and discharge medication teaching. Interested applicants may refer to the official job descriptions for additional information.


Intern I

Pyxis Refills & Auditing; Patient Specific Counter Fills; Medication Deliveries; Anesthesia/OR Cart Refills; Code Tray/Emergency Box/ Kit Restocking; Re-packaging & Non-sterile Compounding; Triage Communications

UVa Medical Center Job Description: Pharmacy Intern I


Intern II

IV Prepackaging, IV/Sterile Room; Satellite Pharmacies; Medication Reconciliation; Drug Information Services, Medication Use Policy, Investigational Drug Services.

UVa Medical Center Job Description: Pharmacy Intern II



Evaluations will be measured on each student intern to review their competency in a given area of training. If the student is deemed efficient in a given area they will then be eligible for training in a new activity. There will also be a meeting at the end of the summer with the program director to assess the program and overall student performance.