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Helpful Information and Contacts

Our Group

The members of our group work varying hours and days.  In order to receive the best service possible, we highly recommend that you contact us using our group e-mail (clpharmacypyxissupport@virginia.edu).  This will help ensure the quickest turnaround on your questions.



For any issues related to Epic, please fill out a ticket by clicking the 2-Epic button within Hyperspace.  You can also click on the following link: 2-Epic. The 2-Epic system is used to ask for NDC changes, report system malfunctions, or any other issue related to Epic.  Please note, that this system should not be used to request formulary additions within Epic.  These will need to go through the formulary addition process and be approved by P&T. You can request this by using the following link: Formulary Addition Request. Also, any requests related to functionality changes need to be approved by various hospital committees prior to implementation.  It is suggested that you speak with a manager prior to making these requests.



In order to gain access to our Pyxis system you must complete all required paperwork and the Pyxis CBL from NetLearning. You will be given access based on the units you work on and the access needed in order to perform your job.  Additional access will be granted on a case-by-case basis if deemed necessary.  New employees will only be added to Pyxis during normal business hours (and after all documentation is completed).  If you are floating to a different area, a charge nurse or nurse manager has the ability to grant you temporary access to a machine.  If you are permanently moving to a new unit, have the nurse manager contact clpharmacypyxissupport@virginia.edu with your name, work ID, and the machine that you will need access to (these requests will only be handled during normal business hours).

If you have a machine that is not function correctly, please e-mail our group (during normal business hours) at clpharmacypyxissupport@virginia.edu or call us at 982-3848.  For off hour service, contact the main pharmacy at 924-5257 or you can call Pyxis directly at (800) 727-6102.


Non-Pharmacy Computer Issues

For computer issues that are not pharmacy software related, please contact the HSTS Help Desk at (434) 924-5334.  HSTS also has many useful resources on there website (HSTS Website).


Vendor Contacts


(888) 989-7822


(541) 471-7274



(800) 727-6102


(800) 541-4102