Employees are responsible for conducting work assignments in a safe and healthful manner in order not to expose themselves or colleagues to the risk of bodily harm.

If an employee is injured while on the job or feels ill and suspects the illness is due to work, he/she must follow the steps below:

  • If emergency treatment is needed, report to the UVa Emergency Department or the nearest emergency facility, and report back to UVa Employee Health within two work days. 
  • Report the injury/illness to the supervisor immediately. If the supervisor is not available, contact their designated replacement or the employee in charge.
  • The supervisor will give the employee an Accident Report for Workers' Compensation Claim to complete. The employee and their supervisor must complete the form and send it to Employee Health within 48 hours of the injury. The form may be faxed to 434/982-0523. Employee Health must file all accident reports with Managed Care Innovations within 10 calendar days of injury - Timely receipt of reports is imperative.
  • If non-emergency treatment is required, the supervisor will refer the employee to UVa Employee Health during business hours, or the UVa Emergency Department after business hours, for assessment before leaving work to seek treatment. Employee Health will give the employee a copy of the UVa Medical Center Workers' Compensation Attending Physician Panel. The employee must choose an attending physician from this panel and sign the document before leaving the work site. When the employee makes treatment arrangements with the panel physician, he/she must identify him/herself as a UVa employee who was injured at work.

In case the injury is not approved as being work-related, the employee should follow the procedures required by his/her medical insurance so the plan will consider paying these charges if they are submitted at a later date. The employee will be responsible for any medical costs not covered by Managed Care Innovations (MCI) or his/her health insurance plan.

Employee Health will report the injury/illness to MCI, UVa's Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier. MCI will, in turn, contact the employee for additional information.

The employee must provide a Return To Work Status Form from his/her workers' compensation panel provider in order for any period of disability to be listed as Workers' Compensation leave. MCI must approve the accident as work-related to keep the disability period as Workers' Compensation leave. If the claim is not validated by MCI as work-related, any Workers' Compensation leave paid to the employee will be retroactively charged to PTO or Catastrophic leave.