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Health System Policy OCH-002: Occupational Health Screening and Maintenance

The information on this page is intended for individuals seeking employment in the University of Virginia Health System and candidates who are working with Human Resources to finalize their employment.  Existing employees should refer to https://www.medicalcenter.virginia.edu/intranet/employee-health/immunize for policy information for existing employees.


This policy becomes affective January 1, 2019.

The policy applies to:  The Medical Center, the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Transitional Care Hospital, the Health System Development Office/UVA Health Foundation (“Health System Development Office”), and the University of Virginia Physicians Group (“UPG”). 

The reason for the policy is to identify the requirements for health screening, vaccinations and inoculations applicable to all Team Members within the Health System, and to identify requirements for respiratory fit testing, in order to maintain a safe environment for patients, students, Team Members, and visitors. 

Click here to open a copy of the policy.

What Does This Mean For Candidates Offered Employment?

Medical Center candidates - the policy is in effect as of 1/1/19
School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and UPG candidates - the policy will become effective 7/1/19

Candidates will have to participate in a health screening either by Employee Health (for MC candidates) or UVA-WorkMed (for SOM, SON, and UPG candidates).  The new hire screening will include the following:

  • Drug screen required for certain candidates.  Your HR contact will let you know if you will be screened.
  • Cotinine testing for UPG candidates.
  • Initial TB screening via tuberculin skin testing will be required.
  • Screening for Mumps, Measles, and Rubella will be required.
  • Measles immunity must be confirmed via a positive titer or 2 doses of vaccine.
  • Pertussis vaccination (in the form of Tdap vaccine) will be required.
  • As regards measles and pertussis vaccination, a candidate can seek a vaccination exemption.  However, all exemption requests are evaluated by a committee of experts and may be denied.
  • Varicella screening will be required.  However, vaccination is not required.
  • For candidates at risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens, Hepatitis B screening will be required.  However, vaccination can be declined per OSHA regulations.
  • During seasonal influenza season (typically October - April), candidates must be vaccinated.  A candidate can seek a vaccination exemption, however the exemption request will be reviewed by a committee of experts and may be denied.
  • Respiratory Fit Testing is required for specific patient care roles and work locations within the Medical Center.  Your occupational health clinician will address this with you, if RFT is needed.  If RFT is needed, it will be required on an annual basis in the employee's birth month.