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UVA Imaging: Flu Vaccine To Go Kit Tracking

Flu To-Go-Kit Tracking Instructions

  • Employee Health will track all entries based on the computer ID of those entering the data
    • You must be on Employee Health's designated list to enter, or give, vaccines in order for us to accept your entries
  • Please contact Whitney Yancey (982-0194) with any questions.  whr6a@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu 
**Information of vaccinated employee below**
What Flu Dose was the Employee Given

What Arm was the Flu Vaccine placed in?  

Once you have submitted your form you will get a "Thank you" Prompt.  That is the confirmation that your entry went through.

On the "Thank you" Page there will also be:

  • A Link that once selected will take you back to the form for another entry OR
  • You can go to the top of the "Thank you" page and hit the "Flu Vaccine To Go Kit Tracking" and that will also take you back to the fillable form

If you would like a spreadsheet of your entries you can contact Whitney Yancey (982-0194) whr6a@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu